Acai berry in the market

From Central and South America, the popularity of acai berry is starting to rise in many other parts of the world. If the fruit is legendary in Brazil, in the United States, it is starting to build a reputation as an important dietary component. It helps that there are many doctors, nutritionists, scientists and media practitioners who all rave about acai berry’s potential as a nutritional and health food. 

Numerous nutrition experts refer to acai berry as a modern super food of the world. This is quite obvious. The little acai berry is small but is fully packed with an amazing amount of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. The fruit is also identified as having significant nutritional value than any other fruit on the planet. 

Acai berry fruit is best eaten fresh. Unfortunately, the fruit is extremely perishable. Usually, acai berry fruit spoils just a few hours after it is picked from the acai palm tree. Surely, you are not living adjacently to the Amazon Rainforest. But there are still many ways on how you can enjoy the fruit. 

A great news for acai berry fans and believers is that there are now more and more companies that develop ways and techniques to sell acai berry to the market. There are several techniques on how companies distribute and sell the wonderful fruit. 

First, acai berry is sold fresh, dried or frozen at various health stores. Many Internet-based stores also specialize in selling such acai berry products to online consumers. Thus, you can eat the acai berry directly or add it as a flavoring or ingredient to your choice recipes. In general, acai berry blends well to give flavor and spirit to granola, yogurt, ice cream and smoothies. Many also love it as cereal toppings and added ingredients to cookies and muffins. 

Acai berry is also sold as liquid extracts. The advantage of such extracts is that acai berry nutrients are highly concentrated. Acai berry extracts are most common and most effective for people who are living in regions where acai berries could not be grown and harvested. Concentrates do not lose the flavor and aroma, so such liquid form could still be used as recipe flavoring. 

If you are after the nutritional value of acai berry, you should patronize the fruit in food supplements. Such products are usually in capsule and tablet forms. Anyone could easily include acai berry supplements as part of his daily mineral and vitamin regimen. Such products are also starting to flood the market, making them more convenient, common and of course affordable.

Patronize acai berry supplement if you are: aiming to gain more muscle, planning to lose more stored fat, experiencing digestive discomfort, lacking sexual stamina and endurance, wanting to look younger and suffering from troublesome conditions like diabetes, fibromyalgia and arthritis. 

Published on  February 23rd, 2017