Acai powder vs frozen

The best and most nutritious form of acai berry out in the market is freeze dried acai berry powder. This is simply because through freeze drying, the natural nutrients of the fruit are preserved excellently. The process effectively captures the fruit’s nutritional potency. The powder should be sealed and refrigerated after its container is unsealed. It will lose its potency when exposed to moisture and air. 

Because of the freeze dried acai berry powder easily loses its potency, supplements specifically in capsule forms are most preferred and recommended by more experts. Capsules and tablets do not lose potency despite exposure to moisture and air. Consumers will also surely love the convenience of supplements in capsule. The products could be carried anywhere, anytime. Acai berry capsules, tablets and pills are also manufactured using freeze dried acai berry powder so that all necessary nutrients are preserved. 

Acai berry fruit juices and concentrates are also good, although the products are not as packed in nutrients as freeze dried and supplemental acai berry. When buying acai berry juices, be sure the manufacturer indicates that the juice is extracted from the pulp and not from the seed, which is not containing much nutrients, though the flavor is still there. As a tip, the seed (or pit in other terms) is included in product labels as endocarp. 

Fresh acai berry could only be bought if you are in Brazil, particularly near the Amazon Rainforest. Locals climb up acai palm trees to pick acai berries. Exportation of fresh acai berry is not ideal because by the time it reaches its foreign destination, it could already have lost its potency and nutrients. 

Beware because most of acai berry products out in the market today are highly hyped but are actually low in nutrition. Many products contain minimal amounts of acai berry nutrients. Consumer experts advise buyers to always read product labels carefully before purchasing. Particularly, consumers are warned against products that do not show ingredients in labels.  

Published on  February 23rd, 2017