Frequently Asked Questions about Acai Berry

Why do many experts refer to acai berry as the number one super food in the world?

Acai berry is considered a super food because of the numerous vitamins and minerals it contains. The fruit is also very rich in healthy monounsaturated fats, fibers, amino acids, iron and antioxidants, more than any other fruit could contain.

Why is it hard to find and buy acai berry at the local grocery store?

Acai berry is from acai palm, which is native to the Amazon Rainforest in Brazil. Unfortunately, the fruit is highly perishable and is spoiling quickly, about just a few hours after it is harvested. This setback, for obvious reasons, makes shipping of the fruit to greater distances almost impossible. However, because of the persistence of many researchers, more businesses have developed technologies and techniques to process newly harvested acai berry more quickly. After processing techniques, the fruit is then shipped to the United States and to other countries, where demand exists.

Is acai berry really effective in improving sex drive?

Acai berry is not formally proven and approved as a supplement to boost sex drive and performance. However, many consumers of the fruit, its extracts and its supplements assert that acai berry consumption greatly helps improve stamina and physical energy, resulting to heightened sexual response and function. Natives in Brazil have also been using acai berry as a potent sexual enhancer. Thus, the fruit is described as the Amazon Rainforest’s natural Viagra.

Is it true that acai berry is the most abundant in antioxidants compared to all fruits?

It is true. Banana, apple and blueberry are known as the fruits richest in antioxidants, cancer and disease-fighting substances. USDA itself has measured the antioxidant content of acai berry using its ORAC (Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity) method. It has been found that acai berry has about five times to ten times more antioxidants than blueberry, apple and banana.

Is the acai berry really effective in reducing risks of cancer?

Acai berry is rich in antioxidants and anti-cancer nutrients to kill cancer cells and at the same time prevent formation of such abnormal cells. Acai berry is not yet proven to provide curative properties against cancer but the healing power and ability of its antioxidant content could facilitate a good and encouraging anti-cancer start. Acai berry also has components rich in beta carotene and lycopene, which both help prevent formation and onset of several specific forms of cancer.

What are some other reported benefits of acai berry consumption?

Healthful benefits of acai berry could possibly vary from a person to another. Aside from weight loss benefits and cancer prevention, acai berry is also said to be effective in reducing pain and soreness, increasing libido, improving mental focus, boosting the body’s immunity against diseases and facilitating easier and better sleep. Acai berry also has the potential to alleviate diabetes, prevent occurrence of atherosclerosis, and regulate cholesterol levels.

Why is acai berry good for you?

If you are aiming to lose weight permanently and prevent many types of diseases, including cancer, acai berry is best for you. It protects the human cells against possible damages brought about by free radicals, unstable molecules attained from exposure to pollutants.

Does acai berry cause side effects?

Acai berry is a natural food. Hence, it does not bring about any unlikely side effect. It is wholly natural and safe, just like an apple, a banana or any other fruit. Acai berry juice, acai berry pulp and acai berry supplements are completely free of possible negative and destructive side effects. It could be taken even if you are under certain medications.

What are the common forms of acai berry available in the market?

Fresh frozen acai berry fruits are rarely available in the market. However, you can still enjoy the fruit in juices and extract-concentrates. Many consumer food products also feature acai berry flavored items like ice cream, yogurt, candies and cookies. There are also acai berry supplements in the form of capsules and tablets so you could gain the healthful benefits of the wonder fruit.

What is the connection between acai berry and guarana?

Guarana, just like acai berry, is also a natural plant found in the Amazon. It is usually used as a syrup, used often as an effective stimulant and an appetite suppressant. Several brands of acai berry juices, supplements and other consumable products contain guarana. There is nothing wrong with guarana, except that it contains high level of caffeine. Thus, guarana and acai berry products containing guarana contain many negative effects brought about by caffeine.

Why do some weight loss pills containing acai berry produce side effects?

Acai berry has become very popular, especially among people aiming to lose excessive weight. It is not surprising that many weight loss supplements and products highlight the inclusion of acai berry in ingredients. Other active ingredients and substances found in such products may prompt negative effects to the body and to the overall health. Experts advise that you prefer acai-only weight loss supplements and products. This way, you do not have to worry about many possible side effects of other ingredients and substances.

Acai berry products and supplements do not have health regulators’ approval. How could consumers be sure that such products are safe and effective?

First, acai berry is a natural food, making it completely safe and free from any possible adverse side effect. While it is true that acai berry supplements do not contain any approved therapeutic claims, there have already been numerous medical researches that back the amazing healthful claims of acai berry. For instance, the University of Florida in 2006 published findings of a study that tested acai berry’s effectiveness to fight cancer. The research proved that acai berry extract was effective in reducing cancerous cells in humans by up to 86%.

Is acai berry as a weight loss supplement approved by regulators?

Not either. However, there have already been numerous tests and experiments conducted by nutritionists that proved the weight loss benefits of acai berry weight loss supplements. Studies show that people who take acai berry weight loss supplements lose up to 15 pounds of weight compared to weight loss by placebo control groups in a month.

Could acai berry weight loss supplements cancel the need for rigorous weight loss diet and exercise regimens?

For any acai berry weight loss supplement to be effective, there is a need to maintain a proper and disciplined diet, along with a tedious physical exercise program. Otherwise, acai berry would not be effective in shedding off excessive weight.

There is a steady and constant rise in demand for acai berry. Will supplies always be ample?

Acai palm naturally grows in the tropical wilderness of the Amazon Rainforest. Demand is growing overwhelmingly, prompting a scarcity in supply. However, many farmers are proposing to mass farm and cultivate more acai palm trees. This way, the acai berry industry could maintain and keep up its growth. Researches are also ongoing to determine the possibility of cultivating acai palm outside the Amazon. Findings are results are yet to provide a promising note. For now, people should enjoy numerous acai berry products in the market.

Which manufacturer is the best producer of acai berry products?

Companies producing the products should be highly reputable. The businesses should be reliable and credible in assuring the consumers that acai berry used in their products is appropriately sourced, supplied at high concentrations and processed using techniques that minimize nutrient loss.

The most reputable acai berry producers are also those that do not forget to include list of ingredients at labels. For online shoppers, Websites of the companies and products must indicate ingredients and nutrients found in their acai berry products. Also be reminded that nutritional values vary from product to product.

The best brands and companies are also those who are honest enough in disclosing exact amounts of acai berry in their products. As consumers, you always have the right to identify the exact ingredients contained in acai berry products. Fair price does not need to be compromised to ensure high quality and standards of acai berry products. The best acai berry products in the market are those that are fairly and reasonably priced, with unaltered nutritional value.

Published on  February 23rd, 2017