How acai berries are harvested

Acai palms naturally grow in the Amazon Rainforest. Acai palms are towering trees that could reach up to 25 meters, with thin trunks. The fruits grow in the leafy branches, which become fully packed with numerous small and dark purple berries twice a year at most. 

To harvest acai berries, farmers need to shimmy up the tall acai palm tree and cut the braches. Because demand for the fruit is higher these days, acai berry palm trees are now massively cultivated by small village farmers around the area. After harvest, acai berries are put into baskets, then loaded to boats and transported immediately to local markets. 

Acai berries must be consumed within 24 hours or its nutrients will be gone. Within the day, the fruits are processed through freeze drying and extracting to produce powders, juices, supplements and other marketable acai berry products.

Published on  February 23rd, 2017