The popularity of acai berry

The modern western world has learned about the wonders of acai berry only recently. But the villages and natives around the Amazon have been using acai berry as health food for hundreds of years already. Traditional healers in the area have been using acai berry for treating common diseases. 

In the modern setting, it was in Rio de Janeiro, thousands of miles from the Amazon Rainforest, where acai berry first gained commercial popularity. Many Brazilians include acai berry in their breakfast meals, while most athletes in the country eat frozen acai berry pulp prior to rigorous activities. 

Acai berry has been recently garnering and enjoying frenzied media attention. Many popular television shows and news networks have been producing and airing features to highlight the potential of acai berry in aiding weight loss aside from preventing many diseases. It is not surprising that acai berry products and supplements are enjoying tremendous popularity in the highly discerning global market these days.

Published on  February 23rd, 2017